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Teaching Early Math Skills to Preschoolers


Early math is the informal development of mathematical ideas and abilities in a child’s pre-kindergarten years. It’s critical to understand first how kids pick up mathematical concepts before assisting them in developing foundational skills.

Below are three stages of learning any mathematical concept:

  1. Stage One: Concrete
    Children need to experience the idea or thing physically at this point. By holding one block, they must learn how to understand one object. While kids are assembling a tower out of blocks, numerous mathematical operations are happening. A preschool in New Jersey can provide sensory experiences that help them compare things and discover their value and quality.
  2. Stage Two: Visual
    Children can view a picture of an object and recognize that a real thing has a representation during this stage. For instance, some toddlers can comprehend from the image that the four leaves stand in for four actual leaves. They can later assign the number 4 to a die with four dots, understanding that the dots could theoretically represent any object.
  3. Stage Three: Abstract
    It depicts that a young child can add a number, such as 4 + 3, written in number symbols without using the actual items or visual aids. The child is mature enough to comprehend that the numbers 4 and 3 stand for many additional objects. In this stage, enroll your kid in a kindergarten in Ridgefield, New Jersey, for formal mathematical skills.

You want to teach math to your little ones, but you are not excellent with numbers? Entrust them to us at The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc., a childcare center in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

We exist to support young learners in early childhood education, allowing them to reach their highest developmental, social, and academic potential.

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