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Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat More Vegetables

a boy preparing to eat vegetables

Eating vegetables is good for everyone, but especially so for children. They give them energy, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and water and protect them from the risks of developing chronic diseases later in life, such as some cancers and heart diseases.

However, as all parents know, getting children to eat vegetables can be an uphill battle. That is why as a provider of kindergarten in Ridgefield, New Jersey, we, at The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc., are enumerating some tips you can try to encourage them to consume more greens.

  • Encourage, do not enforce
    As a preschool in New Jersey, if there’s one thing we learned, it is that you don’t want to turn every mealtime into an ‘eat-or-else’ scenario. Doing so will discourage them from even trying vegetables.
  • Set an example
    When they see you enjoying vegetables, chances are, they will follow your lead.
  • Extend your patience
    Please don’t make a fuss when they refuse again for the nth time. Some children may take up to 20 tries before liking a particular food, so don’t give up and pack up extra patience along the way.
  • Involve their teachers
    Vegetables are already a staple in our meals at our childcare center in Fort Lee, New Jersey. However, dropping their teachers a line or two about paying extra attention, especially if not eating vegetables is becoming a concern, can be wise.

We hope this list helped! Which tip above have you been doing or would like to try? Let us know!

For more childcare tips, be sure to check back next time.

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