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Practice the Leave No Trace Rule with Your Kids

teacher and students exploring the wildlife

The Leave No Trace rule is a rule that signifies the importance of keeping the great outdoors clean and free from remnants of human activity. It is encouraged to be followed by everyone, not just people who frequent the wilderness. This rule is simple. People are asked to maintain the natural state of the area they are visiting as much as possible.

At The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc., our childcare center in Fort Lee, New Jersey, teaches kids to be aware of their surroundings. Not just their peers but nature, as well. With the help of our teachers, we educate our students into practicing cleaning habits, such as cleaning after themselves.

One way we also incorporate the Leave No Trace rule within our school is through our annual summer camp. Here, our students get to enjoy an established natural area where they can explore and learn new things. Lots of activities are enjoyed by everyone.

Through the annual camps, our kindergarten in Ridgefield, New Jersey, sees that our children help keep the camp clean and comfortable for all. Here are the top things we teach our kids during this time:

  • Placing all trash in the designated waste bins
  • Leaving things where they found them (plants, stones, animals)
  • Picking up trash, even if it’s not theirs
  • Helping other students and teachers with duties in the camp

These rules help kids learn the importance of camaraderie and love for nature. We hope that teaching them these lessons will help minimize the impact of pollution and instill a sense of responsibility in the future.

If you are interested in letting your child experience these fun activities, we encourage you to talk to our preschool in New Jersey today.

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