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Making Tantrums in Toddlers Less Likely


We believe that tantrums are a part of early childhood education. However, we also believe that it is important to teach our children to communicate what they want without having to cry and learn how to control their emotions.

As the leading preschool in New Jersey, we have dealt with numerous instances where a child is having temper tantrums. Here are our expert tips on how you can avoid it from happening more frequently:

  • Create a schedule of their daily activities, including what time they wake up, eat, study, play, sleep, and more. This helps them give an idea of what to expect every day so that they don’t have to throw tantrums every time it’s time to study.
  • Allow them a little sense of control and responsibility. Let them make choices about what fruit they want to eat as a snack, what color they want to wear to school today, or what storybook they want to read.

You know your child more than any professional. So, avoid situations that may likely trigger their tantrums. If they usually cry in front of a candy shop when you are shopping, simply do not pass by a candy shop.

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