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Effective Teaching Methods in Early Childhood Education


Traditional teaching where a teacher discusses while students passively listen does not work in childcare educational institutions. Personalized teaching strategies are a crucial aspect of early childhood education. It accounts for a student’s needs, abilities, and interests. It is a massive deviation from the one size fits all approach of the old ways.

An effective teaching method is based on understanding the nature of your students. As an educator at a childcare center in Fort Lee, New Jersey, you already know kids have a naturally short attention span. Hold their attention by making learning fun through singing, dancing, playing games, and using positive reinforcement. Young children learn better while playing for three reasons. One is it increases motivation. Second, children practice and experiment to put their knowledge to practice and know which strategies work for them. Thirdly, it makes children confident to continue exploring their environment through the five senses.

One method of education that incorporates play-based learning is the Montessori approach. A preschool in New Jersey supports children to learn at their own pace. Children have the freedom to choose the activities while the teacher guides the process. Consequently, it makes the kids independent while also encouraging them to socialize and collaborate with others.

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