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How to Help Your Child Make Friends


Your child may be busy, jumping from one activity to another, so they may find it hard to socialize even if they have a lot of peers in day care.

Being one of the leading accredited preschools, here is our expert guide on how you can help your child build relationships and make new friends:

Take time to pay close attention and understand how your child socializes and interacts with others. Do they act differently than when they are at home? If so, your child may be having difficulty starting conversations, have a fear of speaking in public, or have anxiety in big groups. Depending on what you observe, you can decide what skills you need to focus on.

Most children learn from role models, so be mindful of how you interact with them and other people. Your child is aware of all your conversations with your neighbors, relatives, and friends, so you can turn these scenarios into learning opportunities.

Try to role-play at home so you can teach them how to start a conversation. Discuss some topics they can use to talk about with other children and practice until the conversations come naturally.

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