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Why Do Children Have Separation Anxiety?

a child hugging her mother

Every preschool in New Jersey sees these scenarios every year – a child clings tightly to a parent’s leg, crying loudly and imploring Mom or Dad not to go. This is caused by separation anxiety or a fear that is brought about by being separated from someone they hold a strong bond or connection to.

First-day anxieties are actually very normal for children who are just starting kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey. After a while, they can adjust to their environment and feel less stressed about being left behind by you in the care of their preschool teacher. They start making friends and begin to look forward to new lessons every day.

Separation anxiety, however, is not only limited to the first day of kindergarten or pre-school. Just like adults, children suffer from this form of anxiety as a result of different factors, which include:

  • A change of environment
  • A traumatic event
  • Chemical imbalance in the brain

In addition, children are said to become anxious after witnessing the adults around them expressing fear and anxiety themselves. These two negative emotions are very infectious, and children may also feel fear because of a lack of understanding of what the adults are going through.

It is also said that children can inherit anxiety disorders from their parents as well.

Remember, anxieties are a normal part of a child’s development and a fitting response to stress and uncertainty. However, if the anxiety is persistent and is invading your children’s way of living, it might be time to seek professional help.

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