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Reading and Listening Comprehension of Kids

teacher teaching the students

Reading and listening are foundation skills for kids to gain during preschool. Reading starts to build up when children equip themselves with letters and sounds. Listening is how a child receives and reacts to what is being said through the natural hearing ability. Students at The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc. learn how to read and listen by introducing them to books and songs. Reading sessions also transpire at the kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey where kids listen to fun stories read by their teachers.

As children listen to the stories, they create images in their minds to view the scenario and look at it as if they were in them. The emotions as portrayed by the teachers also add up to how they will understand the story’s thought and message. As teachers read more stories at the child care center in Ridgefield, New Jersey, children get to exercise not just their listening comprehension but also their focus and attention towards their teachers and the subject.

At home or at school, children will also now begin to practice reading. Letter by letter, sound by sound, they make out words and meaning that will also develop their vocabulary. Reading out loud makes it easier for them so they can listen to the words they are mouthing. Reading will also serve as the extension to their listening comprehension that will make both reading and listening smooth and fun. Children will now be ready to make reading and listening comprehension the top skills they got from their preschool in New Jersey and develop them more when they move to elementary school.

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