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How Friends Contribute to Your Child’s Development

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As parents and guardians, we must encourage our children to make and keep friends early on. We may not see it directly, but making friends is an essential step in their development. As a child care center in Ridgefield, New Jersey, we understand that the early onset of friendships can aid kids in different aspects of their lives. This is why we are relentless in creating a good environment for them to spark new friendships.

  • Social Development
    Interacting with friends helps in developing children’s sense of identity. This helps them identify their preferences towards society. These interactions assist their social skills as they learn how to properly act towards other people. Apart from that, conflict resolution skills can even be developed through these interactions.
  • Self-Esteem
    When kids are among friends, they feel accepted by others. This impacts their emotional health as they experience positive emotions more. Their peers can even be a source of stress-relief when they experience negative emotions. Your children will have people with whom they can share positive experiences with.
  • Health
    Friends also facilitate health benefits for children. We are setting up a defense against early obesity and a sedentary lifestyle through games and sports. With friends, our kids are more inclined to be more physically active as they have friends to play with. Learning institutions, such as a preschool in New Jersey, encourage physical activity among children.

For more questions about how we can help your children learn, reach out to us here at The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc. We are a kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey, that is ready to help your child learn while having fun.

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