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Toddlers and Their W-Sitting Position


Have you been wondering or observed your child doing W-sitting down, especially without help? The W-sitting position is where the child appears to be seated on their bottom with bent knees and feet resting on either side of their body.

They do this position because this provides them increased stability to their trunk and core while sitting. As a child care center in Ridgefield, New Jersey, we ensure that children under our care will minimize squatting in this position.

There are effects if the child continues with their W-sitting position.

  • It can cause shorter and tighter muscles that can affect the child’s gross motor skills and overall coordination.
  • It can lead to an increased risk for hip dislocation, which leads to significant joint pain at the hips and knees.
  • It can delay core muscle development because these muscles are less unused since the child depends more on their joints and leg position for stability.

There are still other effects that can affect your child in the long run. Hence, in our preschool in New Jersey, we make sure to help decrease the tendency of the child to sit in this position. When they sit in a W-position, we redirect them to sit in a crisscross position. We also have activities to work on your child’s core strength by practicing them doing yoga poses, playing using the hands and knees, and many more.

The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc. can help decrease your child’s preference for W-sitting. In our kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey. We make sure to integrate activities that can help your child work on a better sitting position and learn more and grow better.

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