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Preschool Tips to Recognizing Colors

Preschool Tips to Recognizing Colors

Teaching kids at a kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey colors should be fun. Here are some of the preschool tips that are worth trying if you want to make learning colors more enjoyable for the little ones:

  • Color hunting
    It’s like a scavenger hunt but with colors! Hide some colored papers around the room and have the children hunt for them.
  • Color toss
    Basically, you’ll have baskets that represent different colors placed at one end of the room. Give the children colored foam balls or blocks. Instruct them to throw these items according to their color into their corresponding basket. Of course, make sure that the baskets are just within the children’s reach.
  • Color food
    Commonly, a preschool in New Jersey prepares the children’s snacks, breakfast, dinner, or lunch. During snack time or mealtime, be sure to prepare foods of different colors. You can then point out these foods and have the children voice out what color they are.
  • Bring Me!
    The “Bring Me” game is fun for preschoolers too. You can just voice out an item with a specific color and have the children find and bring them to you. You can say, “bring me a blue handkerchief,” and the children can look for a blue hankie within the room.

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