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Parent Tips: Handling Your Child’s Tantrums

Parent Tips: Handling Your Child’s Tantrums

The common cause of your child’s tantrums the day before or the morning of going to their new child care center in Ridgefield, New Jersey is typically separation anxiety. Each child goes through this phase differently, but for parents who have more expressive children, this article s for you.

Feeling anxious about a new environment can be scary for younger children. So The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc. will be sharing a few tips on how you can handle your child’s tantrums before school:

  • Prep the night before.
    If you think your toddler is likely to throw a temper tantrum on the way to their kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey, get all of their things ready the night before. Pack their school supplies and lay out what they will be wearing to help save yourself time.
  • Make sure they get enough sleep.
    A tired baby is a cranky baby. Minimize any physical activities in the evening and have them wind down to make it easier for them to fall asleep. A warm bath and a glass of warm milk can help.
  • Take it easy in the morning.
    Young kids usually throw tantrums due to separation anxiety. This stems from being “torn away from you and not having your attention and love at a certain period of time. Try to make their mornings a bit more pleasant by giving them cuddles before they attend their preschool in New Jersey.

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